How To View Case Info At NJ Child Support

When you visit NJ Child Support, you will realise that child support is more than money. The various legalities that exist for child support causes are handled through this portal for New Jersey region. You can view your case status online. The payment history upto 13 months as well as major case events are updated on this site. The site offers secure access to case details and related information. Only those who are involved in the child support cases can access information through this portal. Social security number and case ID number along with date of birth is required to access case information.

About NJ Child Support

NJ Child Support was formed with the prime objective to assist parents to get the financial support that they need to help their children have a stable upbringing. The site is run by the Office of Child Support Services. They help parents understand how critical it is for them to be there in the lives of their children. The site not only provides information to child support customers, they provide assistance to custodial and non custodial parents, employers and child support services. The website is the portal for the Child Support Program run by the state. Here every child support case information is available. The rules and guidelines for the custodial and non custodial parents are mentioned on this site. There are several facilities and information provided on this site related to custodial payments, case information, application information and others.

How To Access Case Information

When you are a custodial or a non custodial parent you will be visiting the site of NJ Child Support to access case information. Here are the sites to be followed to access case information on this site:

  • You need to have access to a computer with working internet connection
  • Log onto the official site of NJ Child Support
  • You will find the link to access case info on the left hand panel of the page
  • When you click on the link, you will be directed to the login page
  • Here the login details need to be entered which consist of Member ID and PIN
  • The member ID and PIN are provided to clients who are registered on the site
  • If one has temporary PIN they can enter their information on this page to obtain permanent PIN
  • In case one does not have Member ID or temporary PIN they will need to click on the link given to generate permanent PIN and Member ID
  • For generating such details one needs to have case ID number, social security number and date of birth

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