How To Access Fluidnow To File Reemployment Assistant Claim

Now get a way to file your UI claims online. Get new jobs offers and UI benefits by using this online service.

What We Have?

  • Personal identification information like social security card, driving license or identification card.
  • Employment information.

What We Need?

  • Go to this site and access the claiming services.
  • On the page see the link “Connect” and access new page to get online services to file the claims.
  • On the page see the link “File a New Claim” and on the next page see the requirement for filing the claim online , must read the requirement which you need to have to complete this process.
  • After going through these requirement press the button “Start the reemployment assistant application”
  • On the next page get the general information about the process and after understanding all the term tick mark the statement and press the button “Next”.
  • Get employment information and press the button “Next” button and on the page read the privacy statement and mark on the radio button “Yes” and press the button “Next”
  • Fill the form with social security number , date of birth and gender information.
  • Enter your first name, MI, last name and suffix exactly present on yours social security card.
  • Choose the option if you have another name before the menetioned date, if yes then provide the name details into the relevant boxes.
  • Enter your driving license and issuing state name.
  • If you don’t have driving license then enter your identification card number and issuing state information.
  • Go to the next page and employment information and after filling each section of the form submit the application and before it you can review and make edits in it.

How File Process?

  • After submitting the file you will recive the confirmation message.
  • After that you have to completet the initial skills requirement and working registration.
  • Call at 1-800-681-8102 to get more information to complete this process.
  • After that make request to get the benefits and go for the online submission of your work search information.

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