How To Create A Huffington Post Account

If you are wondering why you should create an account on Huffington Post, there are several reasons you could opt to get the news articles in your email inbox. What is more, you will be able to share your views and comments on any news article published on the site. It is not possible to share comments or views on Huffington Post articles without having an account with the online site of this newspaper. This is a step that the newspaper management has taken to ensure that verified users can comment and share views so that they can be held accountable for the opinions they express on the forum.

About Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is more than a mere newspaper online. This renowned publication has a separate presence offline which has been extended online as well. It is an online aggregator of news as well as blogs that are run by the famed journalists of the newspaper. The Huffington Post site offers blogs, news on politics, environment, entertainment, technology, lifestyle, comedy, health, women’s interests, local news and cultural events. The site of this newspaper was launched in 2005. It is seen as a liberal commentary outlet and it offers alternatives to news aggregators such as the Drudge Report. AOL acquired Huffington Post for over three hundred million US dollars. It is a commercially run media enterprise that has even won a Pulitzer Prize for its contributions.

How To Login ToHuffington Post

In order to share views or make comments on news articles, you need to create an account at Huffington Post. The process is an easy one:

  • You need to start with a computer that has internet access
  • Once you have logged onto the official site of the Huffington Post as per link mentioned below, you will find the link to create an account on the top right hand corner of the page
  • When you click on the link, you will be asked to connect using a valid Facebook account
  • Once your identity is established via this social network site, you will be offered to create a username and password for your account
  • It is essential to note that the username once chosen cannot be changed. Even though you can log onto your account and change other details, the username will be linked to your email address and cannot be changed.

Once you have successfully created an account at Huffington Post, you can log on to view account information, share and comment on news articles and so forth.

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