How To Participate In Sonic Drive In Customer Survey

If you think that a drive-in venture would not be bothered about the customer feedback and experience, you need to think again. Sonic is one of the reputed drive-in chains across the US that has delectable offerings and convenience facilities. To make their services better and to improve upon their facilities, the online survey is conducted by them. To make it convenient for the customers, they can find the link to the survey on a site. Here they need to spend a few moments to fill in their personal information and answer a few questions that they have. The survey needs to be taken within fourteen days of making any purchase at any Sonic drive in facility. Most recipes have offers given to them, which can be redeemed with the validation code provided at the end of the online survey.

About Sonic

Sonic Corp is a drive in fast food restaurant chain which is based out of Oklahoma City. As of 2011 there were more than three thousand restaurants of this corporation based in 43 US cities. The drive in facilities is known to cater to over three million customers per day. The organization is ranked as one of the fast casual and quick service restaurant brands in the nation. Those who service the customers come around in car hops and roller skates. The company even hosts an annual competition to determine the best skating carhop among the different facilities. Internal competitions are also held among the drive in employees, which keeps up the competitive spirit and the level of service among the different service units.

How To Take Part In The Sonic Drive-In Customer Survey

If you wish to take part in the Sonic customer survey, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Ensure that you have a computer with internet access
  • You need to have a receipt, which you have obtained within the last fourteen days at any of the Sonic drive in restaurants
  • You need to visit the main website of the Sonic drive in guest satisfaction survey as per the link given below
  • You need to enter the ID number which is located at the bottom of the receipt
  • Click on the Start button and follow the instructions
  • Answer the survey questions as per the instructions provided.
  • The survey questions are easy to answer and there are multiple choice of answers provided
  • At the end of the survey you will be provided a validation code
  • This can be redeemed to gain the special offer mentioned on the receipt at any of the Sonic drive in restaurants

Useful Links:

Main home page of Sonic customer survey –

Web link to the Sonic customer survey –

About Sonic –

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