How to Live Stream on YouTube

What is You Tube Live Streaming?

YouTube Live Streaming is a great way to stream live events from your webcam, Mobile to the world. You can stream anything including a live webinar, video broadcast, a sports event in your school or college or anything you want. But there are some restrictions in streaming live with YouTube, as your YouTube Channel needs to be verified and shouldn’t have any problem or live stream restrictions in the last 90 days. One of the best option for YouTube live streaming is from your mobile phone and here too YouTube has placed a restriction wherein you need to have more than 100 subscribers to your channel to use YouTube live on mobile.

Why you need to Live Stream on YouTube?

Live Streaming on YouTube provides you with a great opportunity to promote your brand in real time. It is a great way for a business to engage with their customers and also a means to create more customers and business partners. Social media is all about engaging with your customers and what better way to engage than provide a live event of the launch of your new product and see what your customers are thinking in real time.

Unlike a lecture in a convention center or a meeting hall, where you need to sell tickets or limit the number of visitors considering space, Live Video streaming is a place where millions of people can see your event live from their home.

How to Live Stream Your Video on YouTube?

o assuming you have a verified channel and have more than 100 subscribers for your channel, let’s see how to start your live stream. Once your channel is enabled, you have three options to start your live stream. When it comes to live streaming on YouTube, you have around 3 options:

  • Stream Now: If you want to use an easy and quick way to stream live on YouTube, Stream now is the best option as you can start streaming form your mobile phone. Once the streaming is done the stream gets automatically stopped.
  • Next option stream live on YouTube is through the Events options, where you can even previews your video before getting to go live. You also have a lot of control with Events as you start or stop the event any time you want. You also have options for backup redundancy streams before you go live.
  • The Mobile option lets you stream your videos from your mobile devices. For that you need to have the YouTube Live application installed on your mobile phone. Once your live stream ends, a backup archive of the video is saved to your channel, so that you don’t need to upload the video again for users who didn’t attend the live streaming event. With YouTube Live on Mobile, you also have options to edit the privacy settings.

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