How To Register And Login Into Scholastic Account

Scholastic is more than a mere publishing house. It is now present in more than ninety percent schools across the US. The company has partnered with educators to bring innovation in teaching and reading materials. Teachers can now have an active account at Scholastic. There are free offerings like educational tools, activities, lesson plans and other downloadable content. The publishing house which started off by delivering books, educational programs and magazines, has now reached out the schools and families directly through its website. The website offers many resources which can be accessed through its secure online portal.

About Scholastic

The publishing house has been around for more than nine decades now. It is known to deliver educational programs, books and magazines to schools and families directly even. There are certain traditions that are continued by this publishing house. For instance, the book fairs it organizes, the reading clubs and news and classroom magazines. The company has collaborated with many educators. Teachers as well as parents are encouraged to tap into the free resources that are offered on the website of Scholastic. Even children can find exciting games and the latest books that they like to read. The publishing house continues its focus on providing affordable and good quality educational materials and books to schools, parents and for the children.

Scholastic Account Registration Process

The process of registering for an account on Scholastic is easy. If you wish to gain access to the free tools on this site as well as activities and other downloads that are available, it is best to register for a free account here. The registration process is easy and it is available for teachers, parents as well as for students.

  • Log onto the internet
  • Find the official site of Scholastic as per the link given below
  • Here you will find the link to sign in or register at the top right hand corner of the main page
  • When you click on the link to register, you will find three separate registration links
  • You need to choose the right registration link as per your role as a teacher, parent or student
  • If you click on the teacher link, you will need to provide first and last name, confirm email address and select a password. You will need to confirm the kind of school you are attached to, the name of the school and then complete the registration process
  • In case of a parent, you need to provide the basic information as listed above and details of your children
  • For children, the Stacks portal allows them to choose a screen name and a password to join this fun community

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