How To Login My Skills Tutor

Most teachers realize that not every student has the same capability to learn and in the same grade, there are students with varying capacity for learning. To help such students cope up with the core curriculum, My Skills Tutor offers different instructional resources. For teachers who wish to aid such student, they will find differentiated and targeted instruction sets here. These can supplement the core curriculum as well as prepare students to succeed in their grades and continue with the normal course of learning. This portal provides access to the flexible online curriculum. These help tutors to intervene when students are unable to comprehend the class curriculum. The resources can also be utilized to tutor children at home. There are resources available for adult education as well. The solutions and applications on this site are available for mobile devices as well.

About Skills Tutor

My Skills Tutor, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is an educational resource provider which offers digital and cloud based solutions. There are personalized assessments and instructions which can aid students to improve their performance in class. The solutions provided on this portal are in differentiated instruction mode. These act as tools for the educators to make data driven decisions. They can use such tools to help students improve their performance as per the state and federal school and college educational requirements. Targeted online instructions are available here to assist teachers in tutoring students.

Login Process For My Skills Tutor

If you wish to gain access to My Skills Tutor, you need to be either a parent or a teacher. You can view the different resources on the online site, but in order to access the educational content, instructional courses and other downloadable content, you need to have access. The following points will make it clear how to gain login access:

  • Log onto the official site of My Skills Tutor as per the link given below
  • Here you will find different instructional resources
  • If you wish to gain access to Skills Tutor resources find the Contact link under the About Us link
  • This page will have the contact number and email address of the account representatives of the company
  • On purchase of an online kit, you will be given access through username, password and for a specific site
  • You need to use these credentials to login at the link provided below

If you are a parent, you can follow the link given at the bottom of the main page. Here you can find the link to sign up for a free or a paid account.

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