How To View HCA Rewards Benefits Online

The premier health service provider in the US believes in developing and sustaining a healthy work environment. The care givers, administrators, physicians and staff are part of the culture and the system that impacts the quality of healthcare provided to the patients. The mission and values of HCA are built around creating a healthy work environment, where the employees are valued and respected.

About HCA – The Hospital Corporation of America

The Hospital Corporation of America is based in Nashville and was founded in 1968. It was one of the first hospital companies in the nation. Today, it holds a position as one of the leading healthcare providers in the nation. There are locally managed facilities, which are over hundred and fifty hospitals and over hundred freestanding surgery centers. These are located over twenty states across the US. There are facilities in England too and there are over 204000 people employed by the company in the various centers and hospitals. Two of the founders of HCA were physicians for which there is a lot of stress in creating strong relationships with the local physicians. There are wide array of services and modern facilities provided and the best level of care is provided to the patients.

How To View HCA Rewards And Benefits Online

The facilities of HCA might be numerous, but all employees of the company are connected via an integrated employee benefits portal where they can view the different rewards and benefits they are eligible for. And, they can obtain different schemes as per the eligibility.

  • An employee needs to visit the link for rewards program as given beloe
  • The HCA employee ID has to be used as username and the last four digits of the social security number and the birthdates has to be used as the password as instructed on the webpage for logging into an employee account
  • At the same time, once an employee has logged in, he or she can enroll in various benefits by clicking on BConnected or calling the phone number listed there
  • Healthcare claims can be done at the same account by visiting the list of benefit providers given on the Benefits page
  • The same account provides access to the tax planning and related account
  • An employee can make changes in their flexible spending pattern and health reimbursement accounts as well
  • Beneficiary designations for retirement or life insurance accounts as well as wellness programs can be accessed through this account

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