How To View Your AARP Medicare Plans Online

UnitedHealthcare is the company that offers the people of the nation to live healthier lives through various health benefit programs like AARP Medicare plans. The AARP Medicare plans offered by the company are: Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. Medicare Supplement insurance plans offer you the option to visit any hospital or doctor in the Untied States that admits Medicare patients. The Medicare prescription drug plans are prescription drug plans that are covered by the UnitedHealthcare company and will feature the list of most common generic drugs and offers access to 65,000+ linked pharmacies. The Medicare advantage plans offer you the option to combine hospital and doctor as well as drug coverage in a single plan.

About UnitedHealthcare

The UnitedHealthcare company offers a series of health benefit programs for employers, Medicare and Medicaid recipients and individuals and has contracts with 5,000 hospitals and 650,000 medical care professionals and physicians spread across the United States. The UnitedHealthcare is a branch of the United Health Group Company, founded in 1977 with its headquarters in Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA, that is a Fortune 50 health and well-being company. The UnitedHealthcare helps people all over the nation to live healthier lives through simple health care experience as well as meeting the medical and wellness needs of their customers. It is the largest single health carrier in the country.

Steps To View Your UnitedHealthcare’s AARP Medicare Plans Online

If you have any of the AARP plans issued by UnitedHealthcare like: AARP Medicare Supplement Plans, AARP Personal Health Insurance Plans, AARP Hospital Indemnity Plans, AARP Medicare Complete Plans and AARP Medicare Rx Plans, then you will be able to sign into your plan account online.

  • You need to visit this website or click on this link to get into the welcome page to access your Medicare plans online.
  • Click Sign In on the top right corner.
  • On the sign in page will be asked to enter your username and the password that you had used when signing up for the account in the respective boxed provided.
  • If by any chance, you have forgotten your username or password, then you will have to click on the Forgot your username or password? Option to get access to your user name or to reset your password.
  • If you have entered the username and password correctly, then all you need is to press the sign in button on your screen, to access your benefit details or your claims history or to pay your premium or even access plan materials and forms.

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