How to Use Ford Owner To Get Start Your Rebate Program

Save your time and money by approaching your rebates at this company. Claim your rebate by using their online claiming service to get your rewards and discount for next services. Get to know to access this service by giving procedure.


  • You must have to take their services.
  • Online those customers can access this services are taking their service.

Instructional Guides:

  • To Enjoy rebate programs first of all with internet connection approach this page by using this link
  • See the right hand side of the page a blue button “Click To Get Started” under the heading “Get Yours Rebates”.
  • You will see the online form to fill which some necessary details.
  • Enter “Date Of Service” to tell them about the day when you have taken their services.
  • Now enter “Vehicle Identification Number” into the box.
  • After that provide some details of “Servicing Dealer” into the respective boxes.
  • Enter location information by adding “Zip code, city or state” information into the text field.
  • Tell “Dealer Name” by typing into the respective box.
  • At the end click on the button “Continue” and access the next page.
  • Now you will find the next page where you can easily complete the rebate accessing service by providing them some details to activate this service.


  • By accessing this service you can make online claims for your rebates.
  • You can also check the rebate status and company will send you email for the order status.
  • You will get your rebate within the duration 6 to 8 week.
  • You can save your time and money by taking this service.

About Company:

Livio has started developing the word class cars and providing the car connective services the other companies to share latest technologies and experiences. Ford Motor Company is auto Manufacturer Company and doing global business with other companies. They are manufacturing heavy trucks, cars and other automotive.