United Airlines Intranet Employee Access

The United Airlines Intranet system is a communication platform that has been designed to help the united airlines employees to communicate with the other airline crew easily. The system can be used by the airline owners, management, employees and passengers. The intranet system was setup in 2004 to promote effective communication between the members of the airline. The United airline employee can also access their financial information via this system. The system is operated through the Service Oriented Architecture system. You will be required to provide a user ID before you can use the online system.

About United Airlines

United airlines Inc. is one of the major airlines in America. The airline originated from the Varney airlines, which was founded by Walter Varney. The United airline was founded in 1926 in Boise, Idaho.William Boeing, the airplane pioneer, decided to start his very own airline. So in 1927, he launched the Boeing air transport that was to operate between San Francisco and Chicago. In the years that followed, the airline bought several air carriers. Varney airlines, was one of the air carriers that were bought. Boeing air transport in 1929, merged with Pratt and Whitney and together they formed the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation. The new formed corporation obtained great success and in 1933 the Corporation started operating the Boeing 247, which was the first all metal airliner.

In 1934, the Air mail Act was passed and the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation,was disbanded separating the companies into; united aircraft that was later changed to United Technologies, Boeing Airplane Company and the United Airlines. The united airlines achieved great success in the years that followed. In 1954, the airline became the first airline to purchase modern flight stimulators and in 1982 united airlines became the first airline to operate Boeing 767. In 1961, the united airlines merged with the Capital airlines a move that made them regain their position in the United States. In 1987, the then C.E.O of the airline, Richard Ferris changed the name of the airlines to Allegis. However, after he was terminated, the airline regained the use of its original name.

How To Log In

  • Go to the log in page via the link provided
  • Once the log in page opens, enter your employee ID
  • Enter your password
  • Click log in

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