How To Track Your Kaspersky Rebate Online

It is an easy process to track the Kaspersky rebate that is provided to you. If you are a customer of the several security products and solutions that are provided by this company, you will be benefited by the rebate that they provide. In order to access it, the process is a simple one. You need to follow a few steps to register a free account on the Kaspersky site. That will enable you to track the rebates as well as receive communication from the company. The link that is provided for accessing Kaspersky’s rebate offers a simple user friendly interface or easy understanding and execution.

About Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest growing vendors in security solutions. Their range of products and solutions in the IT arena is comprehensive. The position of the company is among the top four who are leading vendors in endpoint security. The company is a growing enterprise which is demonstrating higher growth rates every year. Its global revenue increased by fourteen percent over the previous year in 2011 and reached more than six hundred million US dollars. The company is considered one of the largest private vendors in providing endpoint security solutions for IT enterprises.

How To Track Your Rebate Status

If you wish to track the status of the rebate you are eligible for, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log onto the link given below to claim your rebate online
  • Here you will be prompted for the promotion number mentioned on the rebate form
  • The original UPC or product barcode is mentioned on the flap of the product package.
  • In order to submit for a rebate, you need to retain the original or a copy of the receipt. You can even ask for a copy of the receipt from the store you made the purchase if you remember the date of purchase.
  • Every product you purchase will have specific limits as per the number of times you can submit. You need to look at the rebate form to find the specific rules for the rebate.
  • If you submit a rebate application online and it gives an invalid status, it might be due to information that is missing or incorrect purchase date. You will receive the reason as to why your submission is considered invalid.
  • You need to provide an email address which is not mandatory to receive the rebate, but it will help the company to communicate with you regarding the processing of your rebate.


For such reasons, it is necessary to register online to claim the rebate. You need to mail in the proofs of purchase to validate your claim.

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