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Every company including one of the largest food retailers in the world, Mc Donald’s, needs the feedback from their customers in order to run their business. When the experiences of customers are recorded in an independent and objective manner, there are chances of obtaining valuable suggestions from customers. The voice of customers is essential even for Mc Donald’s to improve their services and continue to delight their customers in many ways.

About Mc Donald’s

Today, one of the established names in the world of fast food is McDonald’s. For many teenagers and even grown up adults, the ultimate comfort food any time would be a Big Mac or a Happy Meal. The company was started way back in the fifties. Ray Kroc changed the world of fast food when he started off with a small burger restaurant in California. The brand now represents one of the leading food service retailers in more than hundred countries. There are more than 34000 restaurants that the brand runs across its many locations.

Process To Participate In The Customer Satisfaction Survey On McDVoice

When you participate in the customer satisfaction survey of Mc Donald’s, you will provide important feedback to the company. The company gains valuable insight about how it can improve its services through these feedback forms. The online feedback process is easy and takes a couple of minutes. You will also gain the chance to enter into a sweepstakes where the grand prize is thousand dollars or a hundred dollar prizes which are more in number. For all those, who participate in the survey will stand chances to win a $25 gift card to be used at McDonald’s.

  • You need to ensure certain preliminary requirements such as being a legal resident in any state of US or of the District of Columbia.
  • You need to have internet access to participate in the online survey.
  • You should have a receipt from one of the stores of Mc Donald’s.
  • You need to log onto the McDVoice site as per the link given below
  • You need to enter the receipt number, order number, store number, amount spent and other details from the receipt in order to start the online survey process

The survey takes a few minutes to complete and makes the participant eligible for the sweepstakes and other prizes.

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