How To Take The Cracker Barrel Survey And Win Prizes

Cracker Barrel is a chain of restaurants that are quite popular for their traditional cuisines and combined gift stores. Cracker Barrel has an active online presence. They sell their products like food, snacks, collections, gift cards, books, DVDs, games and even furniture through their site. The company has also introduced an online survey that had started on January 1st 2014. The survey will be open until June 1. The dates of the survey and the random drawings are mentioned in their website. You need to be a customer in order to enter their survey. You can participate in the survey through an online registration or by sending a mail. You can also give them a call and enter your name for the survey. The prizes include a rocking chair a gift card worth 100 US dollars.

About Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is a chain of restaurants in America that are popular for their combined gift stores. Their restaurants have a South American country theme. The company was established in the year 1969 by Dan Evins. Their headquarters is located in Lebanon, a city in Tennessee. This HO is located in the same place where they had opened their first store. Initially, their stores were located quite close to highway exits and they covered the areas of Midwestern and South-eastern US. However, during the past few decades, their stores took over the entire country, and as of now they have around 620 stores that are located across 42 states. Their menu is quite special and they follow traditional Southern preparations. The company is also noted for its charity programs.

How To Do The Cracker Barrel Survey And Win Prizes?

In order to do the Cracker Barrel Survey and win prizes, you need to visit their site and enter your name. Follow the below mentioned details.

  • Visit the website of Cracker Barrel.
  • Go to the HOME menu. On the bottom locate the option that says “Guest Survey”.
  • Choose the language in which you would like to attend the survey.
  • This will take you to a new page on which you would need to enter your access code. This 12 digit code is available on the receipt that you had received from any of the Cracker Barrel restaurants.
  • Once you are approved you can begin with the survey.

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