How To Take Bankers Box Survey And Win $500 Gift Card

Are you looking for online free survey? Do You want to win valuable prizes? This is a kind of free survey for those customers who are taking services of the company on regular basis. Company is asking their customers whether they are liking their products or they found any complaints with their services. This online survey allowing to win prize and share your thoughts freely here.

What We Want Before:

  • You must know the detail of your product.
  • Shopping receipt must be required for doing the survey.

How To Approach?

  • Visit this website and start your survey.
  • First select your language which you can understand easily.
  • On the next page select you country US or CA and read the rules and condition of the survey and press the “Next page” button.
  • Give the answer of the question which product you purchase Box Product or Drawer Product and press the next page button.
  • Now choose the product of which specific box product did this survey invitation come from and press the Next page button.
  • In the button of the page there is a progress bar that can tell you how much survey is completed.
  • Choose the industries which are best reflect your company’s expertise and press next button to move further.
  • Tell the number of employee in your office and press Next button.
  • Provide the answer one by one and finishes the surveys these question are very easy and related to your experience.
  • At the end of survey provide your personal and contact information.


  • This is customer satisfaction survey to improve the quality of product and service.
  • By taking a part in a survey every customer can get a chance to win $500 gift cards.

About Company:

Banker Box is one of the famous store chains in United State. These all retailing office items, magazines, file storages products by keeping in mind to provide good quality and huge variety. Company is very much concerned with the customer needs and the satisfaction.