How To Signup And Login To Lifetouch Yearbooks

When you visit the site mentioned Lifetouch Yearbooks, a world of yearbooks and endless possibilities open up in front of you. This is a unique business site that provides ideas for yearbook programs which can be created by individuals, schools or group of students. You will find links to various yearbook designs and models. If you are considering selling yearbooks, you will get tips for the same. There are samples of yearbook covers which you can utilize in your school or college.

About Lifetouch

There are two levels of yearbook programs that this unique website promotes. The secondary or high school yearbooks are presented as templates that are customizable. You can access the call centre support of the staff here as well as their creative services to help you come up with a custom cover design for the yearbook of your class or for the different classes in your institution. There are yearbook flyers for business owners to promote yearbooks to families. If you are looking for yearbook creation tools, these are also made available with this online program. The other level of yearbooks caters to elementary or middle school needs. Schools can place orders for different yearbook templates as found on this site as well as access instructional kits, email newsletters and e-learning modules to implement yearbook design programs and implement them among the student communities.

How To Sign Up And Login To Lifetouch Yearbooks

When you visit the website of Lifetouch, you will surely be inspired in more ways than one. It is easy to sign up for an account on this site:

  • You need to have a working computer with online access
  • Log onto the website as mentioned below
  • Here you will find the link to get started on the left hand side of the page
  • You need to have obtained a flyer from the company to proceed
  • The company flyers are distributed among various schools and there is a Picture Day ID included in these flyers
  • This Picture Day ID will help you to get started
  • If you have a Portrait ID on your proof sheet, that too can be used to create the online account here
  • You need to enter the child’s first name for whom you are creating the account
  • Once you have provided these details, you will get to know the picture day for your child’s school
  • This online account will provide access to the portraits taken
  • You can place orders for portraits and yearbooks on this account

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