How To Sign Up To Red Lobster MyDISH

Red Lobster Mydish allows the employees of a group of restaurants to create their personal account. The account allows them to track their job benefits and 401K plan. The account is quite useful in catching up with work details like job schedules and free times. The entire procedure of Sign Up is explained in their website. There is a video tutorial that helps the visitors in learning about the entire registration process. The video shows a step by step demonstration which is quite easy to understand. Workers or employees who are not familiar with the usage of computers can also create the account by clicking on the option that says “New to Computers”. This would open up another tutorial that shows the usage of computer. It covers all the basics. Once you Sign up, you can login anytime and check your entire account.

About DISH

DISH is an abbreviation used to mention the term, ‘Darden Information Super Highway’. It is a Human Resource control centre that represents a group of restaurants that include Olive Garden, Longhorn, Seasons 52, Red Lobster, Bahama Breeze, The Capital Grille, Yard House and Eddie V’s. The official site of DISH contains collective data about the employees of all these aforementioned restaurants. The website allows the employees to create their account. And this account allows them to keep a track of their job schedules. Employees can also make an online request for getting some time off or a leave. The account also allows them to check their 401k Plan and other benefits related to their work.

How To Sign Up To Red Lobster MyDish?

In order to Sign up to Redlobster My dish, you need to visit their official website and register for an account. Follow the instructions bellow to complete the registration.

  • Visit the official website of Red Lobster MyDISH.
  • Once you visit the site you can view the login section which is meant for the members. Since you are new you need to register yourself. Hence you have to click on the option “I am a new user”. This option is given right below the login section.
  • Before proceeding with registration it would be beneficial if you check their video tutorial. Below all the options you will be able to view two icons. The first icon is “about Dish”. Therefore, click on that icon. This will open a new window that contains the video tutorial.
  • View the entire tutorial to watch the demonstration that shows the entire process of registration.
  • If you are not familiar about using a computer or a laptop, click on the second icon that says “new to computers?” This would open another video tutorial that demonstrates the basics about computer usage.

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