How To See Your Personal Information At Sears HR Online

Sears Holdings Corporation employees can easily access any human resource information from their online account. 88sears, which is your Sears HR home page, gives the opportunity to view information like health and welfare benefits, retirement and financial benefits, your pay check, and your direct deposits or W-4. You can easily also update your personal information like contacts and address, view any job posting, learn about discount policies and many more. The 88sears website is sensitive and due to its nature there are some links on the site that cannot be viewed by anyone and are only active on computers inside the Sears Holding Network. You can however access the log in page via the ‘My personal Information’ tab.

About Sears Holdings Corporation

Sears Holding Corporation is based in Hoffman Estate, Illinois. This is a Corporation that came to be as a result of a merge up between two companies, Sears and Kmart. The company was founded in 2005. In 2004, Kmart Holding Corporation decided to acquire the Sears, Roebuck Company. However it decided to operate under both brands, Sears and Kmart. From a mutual agreement, the two corporations decided to merge up and form one corporation, the Sears Holdings Corporation. Even after the Corporations merged they still operated under the Kmart and Sears independent stores.

Sears decided to open a new store format, so in 2005 it opened the Sears essentials. Due to the partnership, some of the Kmart stores were converted into Sears Essentials. This new format was a combination of the Sears’s concept and Kmart format which was a strategy for the company to compete fairly with its rivals. Sear Holdings controls shares in other companies like it controls a 51% in the Sears Canada. There was a time they controlled 92% shares of the company. When they failed to acquire the remainder of the shares they ended up with 51% because Bill Ackman had bought the 17.3% stake in 2006 which prevented them from acquiring the whole company. They have 20% shares in Sears Mexico.

The corporation due to its success has added other products and services. They launched a site in 2008, that was designed to give the customers an opportunity to connect with their local contractors. In 2010, they still introduced a new service, Sears Automobile business that was targeting the automobile dealers

How To Log In

  • Go to the Sears HR site via the link provided
  • Click on ‘My personal Information’
  • Once the page opens, enter your enterprise ID
  • Enter your password
  • Click on log in

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