How To Search Crossword Clues Or Submit Clues At Crossword Heaven

The crossword is one of the most interesting word puzzle game that you find featured in dailies every day. Crossword heaven is an ideal website fro both crossword clue hunters as well as crossword constructors as it has the right crossword dictionary that will help crossword solvers to find answers to the certain clues that you cannot answer. Finding crossword clues is made easy through the unique clue search facility provided on the website. There are about 1,390,501 crossword clues that you come across on the crossword heaven website and its tools are very easy to operate and use even for a novice internet user. You also have the option of submitting your crossword clues in order to develop the website and the support the website.

About Crossword Heaven

The Crossword Heaven is the best website that you will come across on the internet that is extremely useful for all crossword enthusiasts. Anyone getting stuck in the middle of a crossword puzzle can easily log on to the website to get answers to the crossword puzzle they are looking for. The website contains numerous tools that will help a crossword enthusiast to carry out word search or search for a clue. It also helps a crossword puzzle constructor to use the crossword dictionary to construct a new crossword puzzle. There are million crossword clues that are offered by this website. It offers a pattern matching search that will help in easily matching a word pattern as well as the clues.

How To Search Crossword Clues Or Submit Clues At Crossword Heaven?

The searching for a clue in crossword heaven website or submitting a crossword clue in this website is a very easy affair.

  • If you are looking for a particular crossword clue, then you will have to click on the clue search option that you find on the homepage of the crossword heaven website.
  • Clicking this option will lead you to a crossword clue search page where you will have a box to enter the clue words followed by the answer that you find in the puzzle.
  • After keying in the clue and the answer, click the search clues option below the answer textbox to get the answer for your crossword clue.
  • If you are looking to submit a new crossword clue that is not featured on the website, then click on submit new clue option on the home page.
  • You can enter your clue in the clue text box, followed by the answer in the answer textbox and can even provide an explanation to the clue if you wish in the explanation text box.
  • Once done, press the Add clue to database option to submit your new clue.

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