How To Renew Your Utah License Plate At The DMV Online

The website as stated above is the renewal page for vehicle registration. The website for online renewal of vehicle registration in Utah belongs to the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles, which is part of the Utah government’s online department. This site is related to information and guidelines provided by the DMV of Utah government. There are other online services provided on the DMV site related to vehicle management, certifications, license renewal and other related services.

About Utah DMV

Every state in the US has a dedicated department for motor vehicle registration, rules and management. Utah DMV is a state level government agency which administers driver licensing and vehicle registration among other services. This state has started an initiative to go paperless and this department asks the residents of the state to sign up for an email reminder account. That way, all reminders for renewal of vehicle registration or driving license can be sent to the email accounts and mailing costs could be avoided. The online services of this department include looking up inspection stations, updating address changes, reporting a vehicle that has been sold and other services usually required by the state residents.

How To Renew Utah License Plate Online

The Utah government has made it convenient for the state residents to apply for vehicle registration renewal. It has become an online process. The Utah government has a comprehensive portal with different sites for the different departments. The DMV department has related links for vehicle registration, renewal services and for managing vehicle related information for the state residents. If you wish to renew the vehicle registration as per the renewal notice received, follow the steps below:

  • You need to have the renewal notice in hand at the time of applying for online renewal of vehicle registration
  • The link to the renewal page of Utah DMV is given below
  • You need to enter the license plate and PIN provided in the renewal notice
  • The renewal notice will arrive by mail or by email
  • In case, the PIN provided does not work, you can enter the last name, zip code, VIN and plate details in the fields provided below

It is imperative that the owner of the vehicle applies for the renewal process. At the time of applying for renewal, you should have completed all the emission or safety tests as mandated and posses the necessary certificates. You need to have a valid credit card to make the payment for vehicle registration renewal.

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