How To Renew Your Pennsylvania License Online

If you are a practicing professional in the state of Pennsylvania, you need to approach the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs. This department offers prospective licensees opportunity to apply for an initial license for practicing in the state. The site mentioned above allows the state residents to apply for professional licenses at this site. The notices regarding license renewals are also put up on this site. Licensees as well as their employers can find related information on this site. The site allows searches for licensed professionals through the secure MyLicense site. It is a great site to authenticate professional licenses of individuals.

About Pennsylvania Department Of State

The Pennsylvania Department of State is an agency in the US state of Pennsylvania which has a cabinet presence. It is a department headed by the Secretary of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This department handles several responsibilities in the state like charities, corporations and their registration, professional licenses, campaign finance reports, elections, commissions and other associated services. The online presence of the department helps its functions and services to be visible to the general public. Those who need to access the site for different reasons will find the site designed such that it is easy to maneuver and convenient to find the links that they are looking for.

How To Renew Your Pennsylvania License Online

The Pennsylvania Department of State makes it convenient for professionals in the state to apply for practicing licenses as well as to renew the same when they are about to expire. Every profession in the state is enlisted under different categories and has distinct licensing requirements. This information is of particular importance to employers. Employers need to ensure that they employ licensed professionals or maintain their professional licenses in order to operate legally in the state. If you are an individual practicing professional, you can renew your professional license on this site in the following manner:

  • You need to log onto the official site of the Pennsylvania Department of State and find the link for renewing professional licenses
  • The list of professionals whose licenses are about to expire, are listed on this site
  • You need to find the category to which you belong to and click on the link
  • You will be redirected to the respective page for applying for renewing your license
  • Many professionals have an account with this site already. They need to use the MyLicense login page to access their account
  • If you are registering for the first time for renewing your license, you need to have the registration code of your license
  • You will be prompted to enter the last name as it appears on the license
  • You can then search for your registration details and follow the link to sign up for the MyLicense account
  • Once you have access to MyLicense account, you will find the instructions for renewing your license and payments to be submitted for the same

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