How To Register And Login To Craigslist Las Vegas

Every Craigslist site is designed in a similar manner. That makes it easy for the business owners who wish to advertise for different regions in various cities. If you are familiar with Craigslist site of one area, you will be able to quickly advertise on different city portals as well. The layout of the Craigslist Las Vegas site offers listings for different services and businesses in and around the Las Vegas region. You could opt to advertise in any sub areas as well as any neighbourhood if you wish to target such local spaces.

About Craigslist

By definition Craigslist is a classified advertisements site. There are sections that are devoted to different categories like housing, jobs, services, items wanted, items for sale, resumes, discussion forums, community services and gigs. This stream of portals which is a well known web based listing service today was formed by Craig Newmark. It began as a service in 1995. At that time it was an email distribution list that was circulated by Craig among friends in the San Francisco Bay Area. It became a web based service from 1996. The current valuation of the company is over two billion today. It is one of the successful start ups in the late nineties. Today, businesses target free or sponsored ads on this site as there is high traffic ad exposure which they benefit from.

Process To Register And Sign Up For Craigslist Las Vegas

The process of registration is easy. Even if you do not register, you can post an ad on this site. However, on registration, you will find many beneficial features and services.

  • The link to create a new account will be found on the home page of every Craigslist site
  • Here you need to fill in the email address
  • Once your email address is verified, you will be prompted to choose a password
  • Upon confirming the password and agreeing to the terms and conditions you will gain access to the Craigslist community as a registered member
  • Here you will find many useful tools and features
  • You can post ads through your account
  • Even if your post is not ready, you can save it in draft form in our account
  • You can change you email address and manage your forum participation or ad posts through your account
  • If you opt for paid ads, you can access billing and other account information here

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