How To Play Fun Maths Games For Kids Online

When you visit Funbrain, you will find all kinds of games which would be fun and educational for the kids at the same time. This is a site that is recommended by the teachers even. They are confident that the students will be able to develop their maths skills further in their free time by playing the fun games on this site. The games are designed to capture their interest and provide a safe and educational online learning experience. Skills like problem solving, basic maths and reading are developed through the games hosted on this site.

About Funbrain

This site was developed in the year 1997. It has completed more than a decade in providing fun educational games and apps for children. It is a site that is recommended by the teachers and parents find it a great source of fun and entertainment for the children. There are online books, comics as well as educational games for the children. The games and apps are created for children who are in the age group equivalent to preschool to grade 8. There are more than hundred fun and interactive games on this site that aim to develop skills like basic maths and reading. There are popular and fun books and comics for kids on this site.

How To Play Fun Maths Games Online

The Funbrain site offers a bright, creative interface for the children. They will be attracted to the different games and fun activities that are listed on the site. Even for parents or teachers maneuvering through the site is easy:

  • You need to begin with a working computer that has internet connectivity
  • Here you need to type in the web address of Funbrain
  • Once you are on the main page, there are several options that open up
  • You will find different categories like brain teaser games, number games, fun reading apps as well as the games and apps categories as per the grade of a child.
  • If you are looking at number games in general, you can click on any of the games listed
  • This will open up a web page where the game instructions will be given
  • The instructions are simple enough for a child to read and understand
  • Usually the games are flash based and will start playing without delay
  • If you wish to choose number games as per the grade, you can choose under the links provided below each grade on the main page

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