How To Play Free Brain Games And Puzzles

Every time you have free time in hand or you wish to engage your child in purposeful activities, the site of AARP will come to your rescue. Word games are many on this site. These will help you to expand your vocabulary. There are crossword puzzles, word search puzzles as well rootonyms which will keep you engaged and help develop cognitive and language skills. There are new puzzles that are published on this site daily. You will find timers to help you finish puzzles within a certain time or to play against others. Word Search is another online word game that you can play here for free.

About AARP

The website AARP belongs to a non partisan, non profit organization. This organization has a membership of over 37 million as it involves itself in many social issues and causes like healthcare, retirement planning, employment security and others. The organization acts as an advocate to consumers in the marketplace. They help their members find products and services of good value and high quality. The members are helped to find discount deals on wide range of products, services and even for travel. The website created by this organization allows one to log on and play a wide variety of free games and puzzles. Some games require Shockwave player while others require the Java platform. The download requirement time of the games vary but average around fifteen minutes.

How To Play Free Brain Games & Puzzles

When you visit the AARP site, there are many web pages that you can visit. There are helpful articles and resources on food, travel, retirement planning, health and benefits among others. The site also has a free web page on games. Here you will find the following:

  • You need to visit the game website as per the link given below
  • Here you will find different games listed
  • It is easy to play the games as no registration or payment is required
  • There are brain games to challenge different brain functions
  • You need to provide inputs like your gender, education level and year of birth to proceed
  • The brain games differ as per the age, education and gender of a person

This site has helpful and entertaining resources for the members. The games stimulate the brain and help it to be active. While the popular games are of different categories, the brain games are beneficial for all adults, especially for senior people.

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