How To Play Education Kids Games Online Free

When you visit the site mentioned above, you will come across a highly visited website for free educational games and activities. Here the computer activities created for children are approved by certified school teachers. The educational games are free to play online and modeled along the lines of primary grade lessons. These prove to be interactive ways for the children to learn. There are grade level lessons as well such as language, arts and maths which are introduced through basic computer skills. You will find holiday activities included which are fun to do and children will want to learn more through the interactive apps and games.


This website is a success story of a teacher who was able to establish a learning portal for children and a great source of learning material for the parents and teachers. The site provides apps and games for kids that are educational and which they can do under the guidance of teachers and parents. The games open up on the click of the mouse and there is no registration required to use the resources on this site. The website simply needs an updated web browser software in your system and having a functional Adobe Flash Player software. The recent free versions can be downloaded from this site as well. The website has been designed to help teachers, parents and children. The features and services on the site are provided through simple navigational instructions. The home page has links to six main grade levels and categories. These links refer to Kindergarten, first grade, second, third, fourth and fifth grade. The categories of content are more such as holidays, shapes, art, letters and numbers.

How To Play Educational Online Games For Free

When you visit the site, you will discover that the process of playing games on this site is a simple one.

  • You need a working computer with internet connection. If your child is exploring the site, you can assist him or her
  • On the main page as mentioned below, the links to apps and games are given as per the grades or levels of a child
  • When you click on a grade such as Grade 1, you will be redirected to a site which has apps and games for children of the desire age group and learning level
  • Here the games are several and are free for playing
  • When you click on a game, the game appears on the next page with instructions
  • The instructions are simple to follow. Your child will be able to understand the instructions themselves or you can assist them
  • Once you click to play, the game will proceed and ask for inputs from the user as required

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