How to Obtain An Account At Old Navy Credit Card Services

When you are a regular shopper at Old Navy, you can easily apply for a credit card that is made for the shoppers of Old Navy exclusively. While it functions like any other credit card, you will be able to find many benefits on it which will come of use when you are shopping at Old Navy stores. You will earn points for every purchase you make at any of the sub brands of Gap. These points can be redeemed for reward cards and other discount benefits. There are special birthday savings offered to you on this card, deals to avail of every Tuesday and so forth. You will be provided insider news and the latest offerings at all the leading stores and franchises of Gap.

About Old Navy

Old Navy is a chain of stores that deals in casual wear. Old Navy warehouse stores are successful as they are associated with the premium brand of Gap. This sub brand was set up by Gap in 1994. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. There are stores located of this brand across a thousand locations. There are several beneficial services that are offered by this brand to make shopping cheap and profitable for the shoppers. You will gain access to the eServices through the Old Navy credit card account. The rewards are linked to the points that are earned when you make purchases on the Old navy credit card. It is applied to all sub brands of Gap.

The Process To Obtain An Account At Old Navy Credit Card Services

  • You need to be a legal resident of the US or Canada where the Old Navy stores are located in order to apply for an Old Navy credit card
  • You need to be over 18 years of age to apply for such an account
  • In order to join up for eServices, you should be a credit card holder of Old Navy as issued by GE Capital Retail Bank
  • The link found in the footer of the Old Navy website will take you to the eServices site (see links below)
  • Here you can log into your existing account or opt to register for a new account
  • You need to have your credit card number ready at the time of registration

Once you have entered the credit card number in the first stage, you will need to validate your information and select the security credentials for your account. Once these processes are completed, your account will be successfully created and you can start using the eServices account.

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