How To Make Returns And Payments On California Franchise Tax Board

The California Franchise tax board handles the administration of two main tax programs of the state of California. Those who need to file corporation tax as well as personal income tax in this state will find related information here. They can even login and file returns through this site. There are other nontax programs of the state which are run through this site. Delinquent debt collection is administered through this site as well including delinquent vehicle registration, debt collection for the department of Motor Vehicles and debt that is ordered to be collected by the courts.

About California Franchise Tax Board

The California Franchise Tax Board or FTB has been formed to handle the personal income tax and corporate income tax from the residents and corporate in the state of California. The website is run and managed by the California State and Consumer Services Agency. The board is governed by the California State Controller. The other governing members of this site and its administration are director of the Department of Finance and chair of the Board of Equalization. The portal provides vital information related to tax matters as well as allows the tax payers convenient access to online payment methods. The payment methods for individuals are through web pay, credit card, Western Union as well as installment agreement request.

How To Make Returns And Payments On The Site

If you wish to check your returns on this site, there is an easy way of going about it.

  • You need to log onto the main webpage
  • Here you will find the ReadyReturn link
  • This webpage provides information on how to check pre filled tax return information, review the same and request for refund
  • If you have do not qualify for Ready Return, you need to file your tax returns through CalFile link
  • This link is available on the main page
  • If you have never filed returns before, you need to do so by forming a CalFile basic account
  • If you wish t o gain access to additional features and tools and are a regular tax payer, you can sign up for a CalFile Deluxe account
  • You need to have filed the federal tax returns, have the necessary tax documents with you and have your bank account information to make the online filing

You can file returns and make payment through a number of options through this site.

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