How To Login To First PREMIER Bank Credit Card Account

Bad credit is a situation that many Americans are familiar with unfortunately. When times get tough and one faces awful economic conditions like today due to unemployment, mortgage issues and other problems, it becomes difficult to apply for a credit card or to possess one. In such cases, you can opt for the First PREMIER bank credit card which is designed for people with bad credit. This bank focuses on individuals who have poor credit ratings but do have the potential to be creditworthy. There is a transitional credit card facility that is offered by this bank to such individuals. You can take up such a credit card while they recover their credit ratings. The credit products that the bank offers help the customers to rebuild and reestablish their credit history. The main focus is on making timely payments to creditors and keeping the account balances low as per the relative credit limit.

About First Premier Bank

First PREMIER bank and PREMIER Bankcard is a company that is one of the top twenty issuers of MasterCard credit cards across the US. The company is known to serve millions of customers across the nation. The Performance Excellence Award by MasterCard has been awarded to them several times. Being a registered member of Better Business Bureau, you can be rest assured of their guidelines and rules being in line with the other banks and financial institutions in the country. The company is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is held by the company United National Corporation. Established in 1989, the target of the company is to help out individuals and families that have less than perfect credit ratings. They help such customers to obtain a credit card and raise their credit ratings for the future.

How To Login To First PREMIER Bank Credit Card Account

It is easy to create a credit card account at the First PREMIER bank.

  • Go to the homepage of First Premier Bank (see below)
  • You need to find the link stating Card Holders Enroll Now at the official site of the First PREMIER bank
  • You need to provide the credit card number, expiry date, security code and your social security number
  • You need to choose a valid user name that must be within 8 to 12 characters
  • A valid password has to be chosen as per the requirements mentioned
  • Once these preliminary details are provided, you need to complete the acknowledgement form and accept the charge of an internet access fee

This fee is charged due to the benefits that the enrolled members obtain which non-enrolled members do not get. You will also need to select security questions and answers for your account after which the registration process is complete. Now you will be able to access the online account and monitor your First PREMIER credit card.

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