How To Log In To TALX Paperless Pay Online

It is very easy nowadays to access your payroll information especially via the internet. With the introduction of TALX paperless pay employers can now easily and safely access their information online. All you will need to have is your employee number to log in. You can also view information on the number of hours, your total wage, any overtime, your tax information and many more as long as you have an account. The paperless pay is a service that is offered by TALX Corporation. This great service has replaced has partly replaced the human resources as you can retrieve your financial information online. You will have to be on your Employers payroll before you can access your account. This means that if you a temporary employee you may find it difficult to log in to your account.

About TALX

TALX is a Corporation that focuses on employees and their payroll information. The corporation was started back in 1971 in St. Louis, it is still based there. When it started, TALX was focused solely on unemployment claim contests. The company gained ground in the years that follow, to the extent that one of their clients requested for pay service and salary verification. In response to this TALX Corporation saw it necessary to start another service that catered for the employed group. That was when they launched the work number service in the late 1990s. The venture was successful than their first service that they change their strategy from the unemployment contest to gathering and distribution of information.

The Corporation saw great success and made big successful decisions like the acquisition of the Frick Company, a move that saw TALX venture into the unemployment tax management. The Corporation has since added many services like human resources services, tax credit just to name a few. In 2008, TALX was bought by Equifax. Since TALX was under new management, the name had to change so as to accommodate the objectives and vision of Equifax. So in 2012 the name TALX was changed to Equifax workforce solutions.

How To Log In To TALX

You are required to have your employer ID before you log in.

  • Go to the official website.
  • Once the home opens, you will be asked to enter your employer code
  • Click next, you will be directed to your employee log in
  • You can now access your payroll information.

Useful Links

Link for paperless log in:

Official TALX website: