How To Log In To Continental Airlines Crew Communication System

Continental Airlines have made it easy for their employees to access information related to the company. All the continental airlines employees are required to log in to their online account via the Crew Communication System (CCS) website. You will be required to have your company’s password and the CCS password to log in to your account. Once you log in you will easily communicate with the rest of the crew.

About Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines is a United States airline that was founded back in 1934. The headquarters of the airline are in Houston, Texas. The airline was started by Walter T. Varney who was also one of the founders of United Airlines. When the airline was started it operated under the name Varney Speed Lines. The major role of the airline was to operate airmail and passenger services. The Varney Speed lines introduced another service operating a Lockheed Vega which is a single engine plane that was designed to carry four passengers.

In 1934, the Roosevelt administration cancelled all the domestic airmail contracts, a move that greatly affected the Varney Speed Airlines Southwest division. Since of the financial crisis of the Southwest division, A man named Robert F Six decided to buy the into the Southwest division. Robert bought into the business in 1936 and became the general manager of the Southern Division. Walter T was later awarded an airline contract. The airline under the new contract, were supposed to carry passengers between Pueblo and El Paso. The Varney Speed passenger airline was renamed to Continental airlines in 1937. The name was changed to continental to symbolize the airlines objective to fly throughout the United States.

Over the years the Continental airlines gained a lot of success and they merged up with other airlines so that they could reach other places. The first merge up occurred in 1953 between Continental airlines and pioneer airlines. In 2010, the airline merged up with the UAL Corporation. The merge up occurred through a stock swap. After the merge up, the airlines name was changed to United Continental Holdings.

How To Log In To Continental’s Crew Communication System

  • Go to the log in page via the link provided
  • Enter your log in ID
  • Enter your company password
  • Enter the CCS password; if it is your first time log in, you have to enter the CMS and your date of birth
  • Click on log in

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