How to Join Hotwire To Book Your Rental Cars

You can easily book car to drive freely to visit your favorite destination to make your trip memorable. Here see the way to book your cars on cheap rates.


  • You must have your credit card details.
  • Choose the correct date and time for booking.

Instructional Guides:

  • Approach the site and access the official site of the company.
  • On the page see the main menu and select the option “Car” and see the left hand window with blanks fields and boxes.
  • First of choose the option for type of your trip either it is round or one way.
  • Enter the “Pick Up” Date by selecting the date on the calendar and “Time” by drop down menu as well as provide the same details for the “Drop Off” information.
  • Click on the link if you have coupon or membership number provide the these detail and click on the button “Find A Car”
  • On the next page choose the car and its rent and after that click on the “Continue” button.
  • On next page company will offer you more economical rental cars you can choose them according to you will otherwise scroll down the page.
  • See the heading “Secure Checkout”.

Enter your full name and email address into the respective boxes.

Tick mark the option for your age and choose the option for the “Rental Car damage protection”

Review your order summary and read the terms and condition and click on the button “Agree & Book”


  • You are free to move everywhere to enjoy your trip.
  • You are free to choose the rental car on very low rates.

About Company:

Hotwire Company is providing the best services for online flight, car and hotel booking service. Now you can easily plan your trip everywhere by using their online booking service. Company’s headquarter exist at Sans Francisco and was established in 2000. In 13 years company has made superb progression.