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You might be a tax professional or a client seeking tax services from this renowned tax service provider. To make things easy, the company provides a portal that acts as an access to online accounts to service professionals, who are aiding their clients in tax related matters. As client tax information needs to be kept confidentially, every client service or tax professional associated with the company can find a secured account here. Client information, tax planning, tax related matters and related information can be stored in the online accounts here.

About H&R Block

This company is considered to be a renowned tax service provider. The company utilizes more than hundred thousand tax professionals, who are highly trained in their respective areas of work. The tax professionals in this company have filed over millions of tax returns worldwide. They have handled both national and international clients. Founded by the brothers, Richard and Henry Bloch, the company started in the mid fifties. The business has now grown to be a brand that is recognized across the world in tax related matters. One in every seven tax return is filed by the company. There are retail offices of the company every five miles in America. Customized tax advice can be obtained for different professions.

How To Login To Myblock Online Tax Services

You might be an employee of H&R Block and need to access the online tax services on behalf of your clients. There is an easy system set up by the company for the convenience of the tax filing professionals and client service professionals of the company:

  • Find the site where the my block portal can be accessed
  • If you are a first time user, you need to create an account through the link provided
  • A reservation ID is provided to all H&R Block employee at the time of joining. This is required to create the account.
  • You would need to type in the pin code of your address as filled in the employment forms as well as the last four digits of the social security number
  • You would need to choose a password, retype it and choose a security question as well
  • When this data is provided right, it will open up your online account successfully.

You can access the FAQs page to know the details of the different features on this account.

Useful Links:

About the company: http://www.hrblock.com/company/index.html

Online portal for employees: myblock.com

Login page for HR Block employees: https://myblock.hrblock.com/