How to fix (or remove) Win32/Keygen Hack Trojan

Win 32 also known as Keygen is a Trojan program that claims to be able to generate serial number for a variety of programs. Trojans are of two types,

  • One that monitors the infected system and collects information such as passwords, system information, online activities and online accounts
  • The other type that changes the system settings opens a backdoor and downloads other threats.

Win32/Keygen is a second type Trojan that can kill processes, corrupt programs and delete files in the infected computer. This hack will disguise itself as a Chrome or Firefox extension by altering the related files.

Symptoms of Win32 hack

If your computer is infected with Win32 hack, the system will slow down and many programs that used in run will not fail to run. You will get many error messages while working on the computer and the overall performance of the computer will be compromised.

Requirements to fix Win32 hack

  • A highly qualified antivirus software or virus removal tool

How to remove Win32 hack

  1. It is tough to stop the hack from running at Windows startup, as the hack will alter registry values.
  2. You will require a virus removal tool that is highly qualified to remove the hack from your system.
  3. If you do not have an antivirus software installed in your system, download a virus removal tool and install it the computer
  4. Certain antivirus software will not install if your computer is infected and in such situations, the antivirus program will provide you with instructions on how to clean the system and to install the software.
  5. Ensure that your antivirus is updated with the latest virus definitions and run a full system scan.
  6. The Win32 hack will be detected by most antivirus software and will be removed from the system.
  7. To prevent further attacks, scan your computer once daily and update the virus definitions of the antivirus program regularly.