How to create (or setup) a Minecraft Server

About Minecraft

Minecraft is a very popular game that is all about placing and breaking blocks. The game is simple to play and in the beginning, the game will require players to build structure to protect themselves from nocturnal monsters. As you proceed through the game, you will work together with other players to create some imaginative things in the game.  The popularity of the game is immense and has a huge following across the globe. Players also have the option of creating their own minecraft server to host the game and to play the multiplayer option of the game.

Requirements to create (or setup) a minecraft server

  • A powerful PC or laptop with required resources to host the game
  • Minecraft server software
  • Minecraft username
  • Your IP address

Instructions to create a Minecraft server on Windows platform

  1. To create the Minecraft server, the first step is to go to
  2. Click on the ‘Download it here’ link on the displayed screen to go to the downloads page
  3. In the download page, you will have a few options. Go to the Multiplayer server section and download the server software.
  4. There are two types of minecraft server software available
    1. Windows server software
    2. Software for other OS (Linux/MAC)
    3. The Microsoft windows server software is easier to install while the java-based software for other operating systems will require some more steps.
    4. Create a folder in your PC and copy the downloaded setup file into the folder
    5. Run the ‘Minecraft_server.exe’ file and complete the installation process.
    6. After installation, you will be able to see a few new files in the folder. Search for ‘ops.txt’ file and open it.
    7. The text file will be blank file. Type your registered Minecraft username and save the file in the same location.
    8. Open the server. Properties file using a program like ’notepad’
    9. If you want the monsters to spawn, change “spawn-monsters=false” to “spawn-monsters=true”.
    10. Open the minecraft file to start playing on the server. Click on Multiplayer option in the game menu and enter your IP address.
    11. If you are playing on the server that is hosting the game, you can type ‘localhost’ instead of the IP address.
    12. If you want other players to connect to your server, you will have to configure your router for port forwarding. This can be done by accessing the router settings menu.
    13. The default port is set at 25565, which can be changed if required.
    14. Other players will require your IP address or DNS alias and the port number to connect to your server.

Video Tutorial: