How to Access Existing Reservations with the Hilton Travel Program at

The Hilton Travel Program (offered by Hilton Hotels) provides a lot of great services to its clients such as choosing a hotel and making a reservation, one of them is to check your existing Reservations.

By using this service, you can check the status of your reservations. If you have made a reservation but there occurs a change in your schedule then you can change or cancel the reservations as per required.

The available rooms through this program can be subjected to cancellation, deposit and guarantee policies. The team members who do not cancel the reservation and do not even show up for their stay will be charged.

What You’ll Need:

  • Make sure to have access to a computer that is connected to with internet.
  • You should know your confirmation number.

How to Access Existing Reservations:

  • In order to check your existing reservations the first step is to visit the website at which you can do through your internet web browser.
  • On the page that will appear, you can see different options and information regarding them. You are supposed to navigate to the option for “Existing Reservations” on the top right of the page and click on it.
  • This will take you to the page where you can check your existing reservations.
  • You have to give out your confirmation number and the last name or the last four digits of the credit card. After that click on “Find Reservations”.
  • In case you don’t know your confirmation number or of any help required you can also contact the customer service at: 877.547.6667.

About Hilton Hotels:

When it comes to hospitality, the Hilton Hotels and Resorts that was known as Hilton Hotels in the past is the recognized name. It is one of the leading chains of hotels and resorts worldwide.

It was established in 1919, now owned by this company Worldwide and has over 540 locations in 78 different countries all across the globe. And they are still expanding further. They are best known for their quality, reliability, authenticity, hospitality and commitment towards their clients.

Providing their guests the best hotel experience is what Hilton strives for.