How to Get a Free Auto Insurance Quote at Fred Loya Insurance?

Getting your auto insurance quote at Fred Loya Insurance online is easy and fast. Moreover, it is free! Fred Loya Insurance also offers competitive rates to match your credit score. You can get financial aid for your car whether you have good or bad credit history. It also offers you flexible payment schedule to meet your budget.

About Fred Loya Insurance

Headquartered in Texas, USA, Fred Loya Insurance is one of the biggest company providing auto insurance with 361 agencies throughout the main states of the USA. Founded in 1974, Fred Loya Insurance is keeping to expand its operations throughout the USA by getting trough the harsh economic situation in 2009. It now has more than 2,700 employees who are dedicated to delivering excellent service to its customers.

How Can You Get a Free Auto Insurance Quote at Fred Loya Insurance?


  • A computer or device with Internet access.
  • A valid email address.

Step-By-Step Guide

  • Go to the Fred Loya Insurance homepage at related link 1 below.
  • Choose the place you live in the red section in the middle of the page and click the “Go” button.
  • Choose “I Agree” to agree on the term of use and click on the red button marked “Continue”.
  • Complete the information as required in the blanks step by step and click “Continue Quote” to proceed.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen, and then you will get your quote.
  • If you have any questions, you can call at 1-800-554-0595.
  • For further information, please refer to the Fred Loya Insurance FAQs at related link 2 below.

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