How To Fill Out the Pet Smart Grooming Survey Online

The PetSmart grooming customer satisfaction survey is a feedback survey that is designed as a questionnaire to assess how the customers of PetSmart feel about the grooming services that they receive from the PetSmart stores. The survey is a simple one and takes a few minutes to complete. There is a validation code that is provided at the end of the survey. This can be used to redeem an offer printed on your sales receipt of PetSmart. There are several surveys conducted for every kind of service that is provided by this service provider. The main aim is to understand the experience of the customers and to gain their genuine feedback and suggestions as to how they can be served better.

About PetSmart

The company PetSmart was founded in 1986. It is now a trusted brand in Canada and US for every need that the pet owners might have for their beloved pets. This company has a chain of specialty retail stores. These stores sell everything related to pet, such as pet supplies to grooming services and even dog training. There are boarding facilities for pets as well with services like PetsHotel and day care services.

How To Participate In The PetSmart Grooming Survey Online

PetSmart has a series of online surveys on every kind of service they provide. The customers are directed to participate in these surveys in the receipts they receive for any service they take on for their pets. One such survey is the grooming customer satisfaction survey. Through this survey, the company aims to gain feedback about the grooming services they provide. There are simple requirements to get started such as:

  • A computer with internet access
  • A recent sales receipt from any PetSmart service store
  • You would need to visit the link given below for customer satisfaction survey
  • You can take the survey in Spanish as well
  • You would need to enter the sixteen digit survey pin number, which is printed on the receipt
  • Check whether you have landed on the right feedback site as mentioned on the receipt
  • Once you start the survey, you need to complete the survey by answering the questions provided
  • There will be a validation code given at the end of the survey
  • This code can be written down and redeemed at the PetSmart store as per the offers printed on the sales receipt

As a customer, not only do you get to provide your feedback about the services, you can get to enjoy offers from the stores as well.

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