How To File A Customer Complaint At Nordstrom Online

Nordstrom is one of the companies that ensure customer satisfaction in all their branches and distribution centers. However, not everybody gets satisfied with the service for one reason or another. In an event that you may be dissatisfied with the quality of service given to you, you have the liberty to file a complaint with the company. There are three channels you may use to file a complaint; you may file the complaint via the internet, by calling them or via mail. It is advised that you call them if your complaint is time sensitive.

About Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a company that was started in 1901 by two people: John Nordstrom and Carl Wallin. The company started as a shoe store in Seattle and it was called Wallin and Nordstrom. The shoe store opened its second store in Seattle in 1923. One of the co-founders, John Nordstrom, decided to retire from the business 1928. He sold his shares to his two sons Everett and Elmer who had joined the business. In 1929, Carl Wallin decided to retire also from the business and sold his shares to the Nordstrom brothers. After the Nordstrom brothers took over the management of the business in 1929, they decided to change the name of the business from Wallin and Nordstrom. So in 1930 they changed the company name to Nordstrom Inc. The third son of John Nordstrom, Lloyd Nordstrom, joined the business in 1933. The three brothers managed the company for a period of more than forty years after which they retired from the business and left the management of the business to their children.

The company was successful in the years that followed opening approximately eight stores in two other states in the United States. They still focused on shoes at this time. In 1969, the Nordstrom brothers decided to change the company name to Nordstrom Best which signified its purchase of the Best Apparel of Seattle. It later dropped the name ‘Best’ in 1971. The company has grown over the years added other products like clothes, jewelry, footwear and beauty products. The company ventured in to the restaurant business, opening their first restaurant in 1979. They also deal with home furnishing and designs and weddings.

How To File A Complaint At Nordstrom Online

  • Go to the official website of the company
  • Click on contact us
  • Choose the method you want to use to file the complaint; select email
  • You will prompted to select a topic that you have a query with
  • You will be directed to a new page
  • Fill in the details as required.

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