How to Enroll Your Pet at HomeAgain to Enjoy Benefits

Have you ever worried that you pet is lost and you have no where to find? Then HomeAgain is ready to help you once you enroll your pet there. Your pet should be microchipped when enrolling in HomeAgain so that your pet can be identified even it is far away from you.

HomeAgain can easily help you identify the exact information of your pet once your pet is got lost with the microchip imported. Therefore, make sure that your pet is microchipped before your enrollment. The enrollment process is easy and safe and you just need to fill out the information as required. Then your pet will be well protected with the help of HomeAgain. You can update your pet’s information anytime you want.

About HomeAgain

HomeAgain provides lost pet recovery service to people who lost their pets. It is utilised with a microchip imported in the body of a pet. You can enroll your pet’s microchip ID, along with other information such as the photo of your pet, a description and your contact information with HomeAgain. The information will be stored in the HomeAgain database and can be searched once you lost your pet. HomeAgain now helps 10,000 lost pets reunion with their owner.

How Can You Enroll Your Pet at HomeAgain??


  • A computer or device with Internet access.
  • Your pet’s basic information and your valid contact information.

Step-By-Step Guide

  • Go to HomaAgain homepage at related link 1 below.
  • Click the link marked “Register Your Microchip with HomeAgain” below the picture.
  • Enter your email address and click the yellow button marked “SIGN UP”.
  • Enter the information required such as your pet’s basic information and click the blue button marked “Continue”.
  • Follow the instructions as required step by step to finish the enrollment.
  • For further questions, please refer to the HomeAgain FAQ at related link 2 below.

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