How To Download Phonics Learn To Read Material

Upon visiting the site of Starfall, you will find colorful graphics and an easy interface that your child will love. You can explore the different learning activities with them which include starting to recognize the alphabets and the phonics, learning to read, basic maths and many more. This site offers fun format of puzzles, activities and stories for the children so that they love to try the different activities and learn at the same time. The download section has reading materials, exercises and activity sheets for easy download. They can be downloaded, printed out and used in classrooms or at home. The materials are easy to access and mostly free.

About Starfall

Starfall was started in the year 2002. It was a free public service that was offered to children to learn how to read with the help of phonics. The website has a systematic phonic approach. There are abundant materials provided for phonemic awareness practice. That makes the materials perfect for those in preschool, first and second grade as well as those in kindergarten, special education or those being homeschooled. The English language development occurs in a systematic manner through the materials provided on this site. There is a kindergarten language arts and reading curriculum published by them. This includes a method of instruction which motivates children to read in an imaginative atmosphere and with enthusiasm. The materials support English language learners and help them to learn to read along with their peers. There are low cost books and journals for sale as well.

How To Download Phonics Learn To Read Material

There are several download materials for children to read in order to learn phonics through alphabets, basic words and to learn to read.

  • You need to have a working computer with internet connection
  • Visit the official site of Starfall as given below
  • You will find different types of educational resources displayed on the front page
  • If you wish to download learn to read materials, you will find the link to the Download Center
  • Here you will find links provided to download free reading and writing material, puzzles, activities and handouts
  • These are provided in Adobe Reader format
  • You need to ensure that you have Adobe reader in your system
  • Upon clicking on the desired link, the pdf files will be downloaded in your system. You can then save them or print them out as per your requirement.

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