How To Create An Evolve Elsevier Student Account

Evolve is a one stop portal for healthcare educators and students in the same community. Those who make purchases of learning materials or digital teaching resources of Elsevier can find login access at the Evolve portal. The Evolve portal has been created as a one stop shop for Elsevier subscribers. You could be an educator and assign learning resources and assignments to students. For students, the portal offers e-learning resources as well as a way to connect with teachers and other fellow students.

About Evolve Elsevier

Evolve Elsevier is known to be a virtual learning environment. It can support textbooks and other e-learning materials which are needed by the healthcare community. Evolve and Elsevier work jointly to bring forward healthcare courses and study materials online for the benefit of the teachers and the students. The teachers can use this portal to set up a virtual place where chat rooms are present for the students, forums can be formed and assignments can be given to students. State of the art online courses and mandatory examinations can be accessed through Evolve by students. There are multimedia applications as well which makes learning effective and easy. The site is of equal importance and help to the students and teachers.

How To Create An Evolve Elsevier Student Account

The Evolve portal offers access to educational resources provided by Elsevier. This organisation is known to specialise in educational resources and online learning materials for the healthcare community. Evolve offers access to e-books, examinations, simulations and adaptive solutions which aid their learning. Students will benefit in many ways if they sign up for an account on Evolve. They will find easy access to free as well as paid educational resources here. They can make purchases through this account as well as be a part of the online student community here. The process to create an account here is given below:

  • You need to have access to a computer with internet connection
  • Find the official site of Evolve as per the link given below
  • Here you will find the link to create an account for students as well as for educators
  • For students there is minimum information required for creating an account
  • You need to provide your first name, last name and email address

On submission of such details you will be able to get a student account registered at Evolve.

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