How to Register With Corrlinks Online

You might want to register with Corrlinks online as it is a unique way of reaching across to friends and family members who are incarcerated in prison. The Advanced Technologies Group brings this technology to people by establishing a secure connection with correction facilities. All you need to do is subscribe to the Corrlinks services in order to reach out to friends and family members in prison.

About Corrlinks Online

Corrlinks is the official email system that is used by the Bureau of Prisons. It allows the inmates to communicate with others in the outside world. It is a fee based system and inmates need to pay in order to send or receive emails. Other commercial sites allow correspondents to send emails, which are communicated to the inmates in the printed form. The service allows the email to be directly accessed by the federal inmates. The inmates need to pay around fifteen cents per minute to use this system. Messages can also be printed out which cost around fifteen cents per page. When you wish to send across a message to someone, you need to pay thirty cents. Such a service is made available in prisons in certain states like Iowa.

How To Register With Corrlinks Online

  1. You need information regarding the inmate you wish to contact. You need to have access to their inmate number.
  2. The inmate’s number has to be added to the approved contact list before you try and communicate through Corrlinks system
  3. You need to fund the Corrlinks account with a Visa or MasterCard credit card pin order to subscribe to any state or national facility.
  4. You might receive an invitation mail from Corrlinks. It will contain an Identification Code, which you need to use in order to sign up.
  5. You can even use the “Register” option on to sign up as a new user.
  6. The details required would be an email address, choosing a password and entering the identification code received.
  7. You would need to wait for thirty minutes to receive approval for your request.

Once you have created an account successfully, you will be able to communicate with an inmate of your choice. This inmate’s number should be added to the address book. You need to use the identification code that was sent to your email to contact a federal inmate.

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