How To Complete The Walmart Customer Store Survey Online

Walmart store survey is one of the great channels that you can use to tell Walmart about the quality of their products and services. The Walmart survey was designed to give you the opportunity of rating the services at Walmart. You are required to participate in the survey within a period of two weeks from the date you visited the store. The survey takes a minimum of ten minutes to complete as it is a multiple choice survey. Once you finish the survey (it should only take 15 minutes) you will be entered in a sweepstakes where you stand a chance to win one of the five $1,000 shopping cards. The survey is available to anyone who lives in the United States or the District of Colombia. Employees of Walmart and their immediate family are not eligible to participate in the survey.

About Walmart

Walmart is the second largest public corporation in the world as per the fortune 500 global list of 2013. Walmart is Retail Corporation that has department stores and warehouse stores. This is a corporation that was started back in 1962 by Sam Walton. The first Walmart store was opened in Rogers, Arkansas. The store grew rapidly and in a period of five years the Corporation had expanded to 24 stores in Arkansas. In 1968, Sam opened the first Walmart stores outside Arkansas in Missouri, Oklahoma, Sikeston and Claremore. In 1969, Walmart was incorporated as Walmart Inc. and in 1970 they opened their first distribution center in Bentonville in Arkansas. The Corporation started trading as a public company in 1970. This move led the company to be listed in the New York Stock Exchange.

Sam Walton stepped down as the company’s CEO in 1988 but remained to be the chairman of the board. David Glass replaced Sam Walton as CEO of Walmart. In 2000, H. Lee Scott became the president and CEO of Walmart replacing David. Under the new management the company continued to be successful doubling in their sales. In 2002 they were listed as the largest corporation in America on the fortune 500 list.

How To Take The Walmart Survey

You must be 18 years and above to participate in the survey.

  • Go to the survey site via the link provided
  • Once the site opens, choose the language you wish to continue with
  • Read the instruction give and click continue
  • Enter the five digit code of your residence
  • Follow the instructions

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