How To Check Winning Numbers For Texas Lottery

If you look at the site of Texas Lottery, you will find all the lottery and games made available in the Texas state. Here you can check on winning lottery tickets by simply typing in the identification number of the tickets you purchased. There are games to play here. The rules and guidelines of Texas lottery can be known through this site. If you love to play games and try your luck at the Texas lottery, you will surely bookmark this site on your web browser.

About Texas Lottery

The Texas Lottery is an online site for games and other forms of entertainment. Players are encouraged to play responsibly on this site. This site was launched by the Texas Lottery Commission and maintained by the same organization. Here the lottery tickets which are issued and the winning numbers are published. That makes it convenient for people to check on the lottery ticket number to know whether they have won the lottery or not. For the winners the steps of claiming the lottery prize is mentioned on this site. There are several games that you can indulge in Texas Lottery. There are charitable bingo and other games events held here where the money collected is sent towards charitable causes. The mission of Texas Lottery is to collect or generate revenue for the state. The organization deals in the sale of lottery products and management of the same through high standards of integrity and fairness in all dealings.

How To Check Winning Numbers On Texas Lottery

If you have purchased a lottery ticket on Texas Lottery you will find the process of checking for winning numbers an easy process on the site. The steps are enumerated below:

  • You need to have a working computer with internet connectivity
  • You need to find the official site of Texas Lottery as mentioned below
  • When you open the home page of the site, you will find the link for checking the numbers on top
  • When you click on the link, the page opens up to reveal all the running lottery campaigns which are active for the last 180 days
  • You can check for any lottery ticket here which has been purchased within 180 days
  • If you find your numbers matching, you can find the link on the left hand side panel to claim your prize
  • This page will explain how you can proceed to claim your prize money

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