How To Apply For A Nordstrom Card Online

The site of Nordstrom is a mini Mecca of fashion. All those, who follow the fashion world as well as designers, seek to have a presence on this store and site. The ultimate achievement for the fashion designers is to get their designs displayed and sold through Nordstrom. The site displays the latest trends and brands. What is being highlighted is the fashion trend of the season. There are attractive sales that go on in this store and you can access these deals online as well.

About Nordstrom

This company is known to be an American fashion retailer of the upscale segment. It is headquartered at Seattle, Washington. The company initially began as a sole retailer and then expanded its collection to include clothing, accessories like jewelry, handbags, fragrances, cosmetics and other items. There are certain stores, which sell wedding items as well as home furnishing. There are over 260 stores that operate in 35 states. There are expansion plans of the company to open stores in Canada as well as in the New York City. It is the fifth largest US departmental store as per the retail sales.

How To Apply For The Nordstrom Card Online

Today, many brands tie up the loyalty of customers through credit or debit cards that they issue. These cards not only function as normal debit or credit cards, but allow the customers to accumulate points on the card. There are two points added to every dollar spent on Nordstrom purchases. When you accumulate two thousand points, you earn a twenty dollar Nordstrom note, which can be spent on any purchase from this retailer.

  • You need to log onto the official site of Nordstrom
  • You will find the link to apply for a Nordstrom card at the bottom of the page
  • Here you will find three options available to you – two types of credit and a debit card
  • Upon choosing the card, you will be redirected to the application page
  • Here you need to fill in preliminary information such as name, address, email id, and contact details.
  • Upon agreeing with the terms and conditions mentioned, you will receive a notification of having applied for the card successfully.

There is a Visa credit card that is available only at the stores. This card allows you to add on more points as purchases made outside Nordstrom lead to accumulation of Nordstrom points.

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