How to Access Oregon Employee Department To Email Investigation Unit

Now don’t get afraid to illegal person who are frauds and deceiving you. Now send us email to catch them. Your name will be confidential for the legal authorities.


  • Physical appearance identification
  • Employer information
  • You contact details
  • Suspected activities

Instructional Guides:

  • To get this services open this link with good internet connection.
  • On the page go the column with heading “Important Information” and scroll down the page find the sub heading “Reporting Unemployment Insurance Fraud” and click on the link “Email the Fraud Investigation Unit Here”.
  • On the page first of all choose the language, and next start providing some details to get this service.
  • Enter “Social Security Number” and “Individual’s Name” into the respective boxes.
  • Give physical appearance provides the description about your height, build, hair color, and eye color.
  • Provide identification marks on face like tattoos, scares and unique features.
  • Give your vehicle description, home address, zip code, state and phone number.
  • Type suspected activities, start date, end date and working hours details.
  • Provide employer information like employer and address & location.
  • Type your name, phone and email address and click on the button “Continue”
  • Follow the steps of the procedure and complete till end.


  • Inform them about the unemployment benefit collecting if you found them fraud.
  • Your name will be remained confidential.

About Company:

Oregon Employment Department is providing public service for unemployment benefits and other online services. you can claim for your employment benefits and you can claim for the payments any time.