How to Access Your MyVConnect Account Online

If you have friends or family members who are locked up in correctional facilities and prisons and you will know how complex it is to exchange letters or communicate with them. The person who is incarcerated might need to make a phone call which will be difficult to gain access to. The V-Connect facility allows a unique service that is not found with any other telecommunication company. You can pay in advance for a call with any inmate and save money.

V-Connnect By Value Added Communications Inc

V-Connect is a telecommunication company with a difference. They have solutions to help one to stay in touch with individuals incarcerated through prepaid collect calls. When the V-Connect account is set up and funds are put into it, individuals who are incarcerated will be able to make prepaid calls to the person who funds such an account. One would need to add finance to the V-Connect account via the internet. This can be done with the credit card or debit card. The rates are planned as per the distance between the two callers and the correctional service or facility.


  • One needs to have a PC with an internet connection
  • You need to gain an access pin to log in.
  • One needs to own a credit card or debit card of Master Card or Visa Card.

Step By Step Guidelines

  • One needs to visit the official website MyVConnect
  • One needs to choose their preferred language which can be English or Spanish.
  • The telephone number needs to be provided where the V-Connect calls will be received
  • The Access PIN number needs to be entered in the required fields.
  • Once that is done the Login button has to be clicked.
  • There would be instructions on how to complete the application process
  • Finances can be added to one’s account through “Advance Pay” section.
  • One is all set to make or receive the prepaid calls. The individual who is incarcerated needs to be informed of the news.

One needs to add funds to one’s account to commence making or receiving calls.

The setting up of V-Connect online account will allow one to make prepaid collect calls easily. When V-Connect is used the incarcerated individuals need not worry about the payment of such calls. He or she will be able to make calls easily and not face any trouble.

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