How To Access Honda Interactive Network For Employees And Dealers

The Honda interactive network is an online platform that offers necessary information to employees and dealers about the brand and its different product lines. The company is a world leader brand in manufacturing different automobiles like cars, motorcycles, electric generators and other products. You should get to know the latest models and the different makes of the Honda Company. For such training and knowledge, the Honda interactive network has been created. Dealers and employees need to create online access at this interactive platform. They will be informed of the latest updates and occurrences of the company. The employees and dealers need to know the latest news, information about the company, and its products in order to deal with the customers.

About Honda

Honda is a multinational automaker, which is Japanese in origin. It is known to be the world’s largest producer of motorcycles besides cars. The internal combustion engine makes of this company are world famous. The company is also into the making of marine engines, power generators, garden equipments, personal watercrafts and similar other equipments. The company has recently forayed into the manufacturing of aircrafts, artificial intelligence and solar cells. With such a wide range of services and product lines, employees and dealers need to be updated and trained through the interactive platform.

How To Gain Access To The Honda Interactive Network

Employees and dealers are asked to sign up on the interactive system to gain access to company specific information. There are special facilities and privileges that are provided to all members, who have online access. The online portal will allow them the access to services like placing request for car parts. Hence, the signing up process is vital to get the online access activated.

  • You need to go to (it may not work in Chrome so use Internet Explorer)
  • You will find the link to the interactive portal on this official site
  • There are three boxes to be filled in – user id, dealer id and password
  • The correct dealership number needs to be filled in
  • Employer provides the user id that needs to be used to log onto this site
  • You can use the option to change the password of your account
  • If you are a dealer, you will be issued a dealer number by the company
  • This number needs to be entered to access the site

Once in, there are several features and functions to make use of.

Useful Links:

Official site of Honda Interactive: