How To Access Delta Net Employee Portal Online

The employee portal of Delta Net allows convenient access to the employees. The technological advancement that the company has invested in allows seamless interaction across different systems and networks. The employee portal allows employees across different locations to gain access to the company email and other benefits programs. If they have complaints to submit or wish to review the HR policy on different employment matters, all that information can be accessed through this portal.

About Delta

Huff Daland Dusters in the twenties started an aerial crop dusting operation. It then went to develop into an airline industry. Today, it caters to 160 million travelers across national and international locations. It is considered as a major American airline, which is headquartered in Atlanta. There are extensive domestic as well as international networks that serve six continents. Its subsidiaries are known to operate over five thousand flights per day. There are over eight thousand employees employed by the company and its subsidiaries. The main hub of the airline is at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It is considered to be one of the busiest airports as per passenger traffic. The loyalty program operated by Delta Airlines is known as SkyMiles.

How To Access The Employee Login Feature Of Delta Net

You need to have a working computer with internet access to try the online employee portal of Delta. This portal allows the employees the flexibility to log in from anywhere to check company email and other features and functions.

  • The official page for the employee portal is given below
  • The option to login to the employee portal is mentioned on the left hand side of the homepage
  • You need to provide the login details if you are an existing user
  • The Delta passport credentials are required to log into the employee portal
  • The user ID is the 9 digit PPR number
  • The password is the Delta passport password chosen which should be at least eight characters long. There can be one character in the uppercase, one character in the lowercase and a number should be included.
  • If you do not have a Delta Passport ID provided, you need to gain a PIN of the HR department. Then only will you be able to access the passport ID.

There are customer help and support provisions on the site in case you need assistance. The FAQs page will also provide answers to your common queries.

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