How To Access California Regional Multiple Listing Service

Multiple listing services site for the California region serves the different realtor associations here. Multiple listings in real estate are an online service, which comes of much use for regional realtor associations. This company has formed a database of real estate properties in the Californian region. Not only is it of great use for those seeking property in this region, it is also a database where participation is sought by the different realtor associations in the region.

About California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS)

Among the multiple listing services across the US, the California Regional Multiple Listing Service is one of the largest in the nation. The services and products listed here are accessed by 71000 subscribers. The subscribers consist of members of realtor associations. The subscription list is of 34 realtor associations at present. Their offices are located at 180 Via Verde, Suite 200, San Dimas, and California. They provide access to listing data throughout the state. The service has existed for thirty years and is dedicated to making a real difference to the real estate professionals in the state. Most realtor associations and their members make use of this database for the comprehensive listings and updated information it provides. There are support personnel who attend to the queries of the subscribers and they can be reached on phone seven days in a week.

How To Access California Regional Multiple Listing Service Login

It is not easy to register for an online access to the database maintained by California Regional Multiple Listing Service. Only those who are recognized as members of realtor associations can access the listings to the database. There are other tools provided here for client and prospect management as well. All such tools and features can be accessed after a secure login process is followed. The main steps are highlighted below:

  • There is a Scout enrollment process that is rolled out by the company. You will need to speak to customer support to find out the enrollment process or how to obtain the SafeMLS token till you get a Scout password for logging into the matrix.
  • The enrollment process for a Scout password is conducted online. The link is given below.
  • You need to provide your User ID and review the enrollment agreement terms
  • Once you agree to the terms, you will be prompted to choose three privacy questions for the security of your account. These questions will be asked if you forget your Scout password
  • You will get to choose the password, which has to be of eight characters and alphanumeric
  • Once you gain access to the site you will have many tools and applications at your disposal to shortlist real estate properties in desired locations.

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