How to Use American Express To Get Serve Prepaid Card Online

You can apply here credit card, debit cards and prepaid card service for personal and business use. You can apply here to get this service with lots of benefits easily.


  • Basic information like phone and address


  • To Get card service open this site by the internet connection.
  • Now move down and see the heading “Looking For Cards” and see the option “Prepaid Cards” click on it.
  • On the next page see the banner in a mid and click on “Learn More” for American Express Serve card access.
  • On the next webpage will introduce you will its features and benefits services by providing the great details of your each and every question to get this service.
  • On the page see the right hand side of the page where you have to enter full name and email address and click on the button “Register Now”
  • Now choose the answer if you are going to purchase this card temporary.
  • Now your name details will be appeared into the text fields that you have previously type here and now it’s time to enter you address completely.
  • After typing address detail choose the option for providing phone type and then enter the number into the second box.
  • Now check mark the box for terms and conditions and click on the button “Agree & Continue”.
  • Next fill the details onto the next page which they asked from you and get card service easily.


  • You can activate this service without the credit check and activation fees.
  • You can get this card with no minimum balance condition.

About Company:

American Express is multinational financial institute for providing the reliable and all basic financial service to the customers. They are giving credit and travel services to global customers. They are offering huge range credit and debit cards.